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Kids Safe Food


“A HEALTHY START FROM CHILDHOOD LEADS TO A BETTER FUTURE” “EAT HEALTHY BE NUTRITION WEALTHY” “EAT RIGHT BE BRIGHT”This app is specially designed for kids which helps the parents to know the relationship between food and exercise.It provides information about the RDA (Recommended dietary allowances) calories to provide your kid with a healthier diet.Provides appropriate consumption values of different foods.You can figure out how healthy or unhealthy your food is and modify as needed to avoid surplus sugars, fat and salt.keywords:healthy food,balanced diet,food pyramid,food and nutrition,nutrition and diet,food guide pyramid,diet chart for a healthy body,food safety app,meal plans for kids,food safety measures in childcare,child's diet,healthy food ideas for preschoolers,hfss food tips,hfss foods in schools,body building diet ,food and beverages,proper food for good health,know your food,junk and side effects,sugar limit for kids,salt limit for kids,daily sugar limit for kids,trans fat foods,saturated fat foods,trans fat limit per day,salt intake guidelines,sodium daily limits,